Their Voice is Needed

Studies consistently report that as many as one in four women experience a sexual assault in their lives.   Boys need not silently observe this violence against their friends and family members.  They can use their voices to challenge it.

They Can Define Manhood

Many violent men do not identify their behaviors as violent. They see their behaviors as normal for men. Likewise, many boys simply accept the conventions expected of them as unchangeable. They should know they have both the right and the ability to decide what kind of men that they want to be.

They Have the Power to Harm

Violent men do not appear out of thin air. They were all once boys receiving training from peers, family, and society. We can teach them to analyze that training and recognize that they have the potential to commit violence themselves.

They Can Change Violent Men

Most violent men are not social outcasts. They have male friends and family members. Boys and men can be mobilized to challenge violent men and remind them that there is no place for their behavior.

They Have a Place in a Global Movement

Boys should know that there is a long-standing and growing network of community organizations that seek to respond to and prevent sexual violence. Many of these organizations specialize in training boys and men to become change agents. They would love to have the boys that you know on their side.

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